There are some for whom drive and ambition are incongruous… the trappings of a comfortable life by all means, but not at the expense of a hard day’s toil. Why bother putting shoulder to the wheel when life’s gentler souls often provided easier routes to self-fulfilment?

For such slothful pariahs the notion of reflection is something to be avoided – why look in that emotive rear-view mirror knowing that the track is littered with the debris and detritus of so many ruined lives? To be impervious to the suffering of others can be helpful. Alternatively the spiteful, selfish schemer can always tell himself his own version of events with such regularity that in time he begins to accept his own yarns as a true image of the carnage he had so often wrought.

But he who dares not look back will never see the movement over his shoulder. He will never know again the previous victim who has relentlessly hunted him down to wreak vengeance