Well, as the war on ‘free speech’ continues to rage, how’s this for a revealing contribution from the #DailyTelegraph, with its fascinating and rather myopic view of its own role within the cadre of Britain’s MSM?

The case of Bloomberg v ZXC has gone against Bloomberg. The global US firm had reported that the businessman was under police investigation, but had not been charged. ZXC’s lawyers had feared ‘trial by media’ citing invasion of privacy and the 3 highest courts in the land agreed. The Telegraph laments the judgement as an attack on free speech and suggests that this is just one more aberration from our EU Courts (including Tony Bliar’s now infamous EU Supreme Court), all which appear determined to undermine our rights to express our views and opinions unfettered by censorship of any kind.

Amen to that last point from the Telegraph I say, but hang on just a mo!

In the article (click the link below) the DT seems only to quick to gloss over the  MSM’s truly appalling track record of ‘invasion of privacy’ (think Hugh Grant and ‘Hacked Off’) and, in passing, takes a serious side-swipe at the ‘Wild West’ that is social media. It also asks some pertinent questions of our lacklustre MPs and our limp police forces when it comes to defending attacks on free speech – hardly surprising when you look at the crime figures and wonder why the police employs thousands of officers in forces up and down the country to ‘police’ supposed hate speech on the aforementioned social media instead of catching real criminals! But surely the MSM can’t expect us to take seriously their cries of foul play when they themselves have been responsible for aiding and abetting authoritarian governments across the globe which have effectively consigned billions of people to house arrest based on what we now know to have been lies and exaggerations about the global Scamdemic.

In this particular legal case perhaps it would have been better to apply ‘contempt of court’ to the media mogul for reporting information likely to have prejudiced the supposed defendant’s case, thus avoiding trial by media? But for the MSM to lambast #Twitter, #Facebook et al as somehow corrupt or impure by comparison to their own filthy back yard tactics is quite astonishing. We should never forget that it was through social media that we began to learn the truth about the Shamdemic at a time when all MSM outlets were conniving with government to deliberately inflate the size and scale of the Wuhan Flu problem – the woeful #BBC and the likes of the #Guardian are still doing it, and it’s way past the time when they should have come clean.

Please let’s NOT dilute the importance of free speech or pervert its course when trying to combat the invasive, destructive prejudices of the Woke warriors in the MSM who openly seek to undermine the rights of ordinary folk in order to further their own discriminatory agendas.


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