Dear oh dear oh dear! Does Madeline Miller have a problem with men, any men, all men? It certainly reads that way, but how does she get away with this guff in the Daily Telegraph Culture section without being slaughtered by twitterati fringe groups and assorted weirdos?

Poor old #JKRowling and even #lionelshriver get hammered for merely trying to defend women’s rights against a handful of selfish gender warriors, and yet here is MM, desperate to promote another short story, putting the M in misandry and she’s apparently given a completely free ride.
Authors must always support and promote the notions of free speech in practice, obviously, but authors also need at least to try to balance their independence with a modicum of responsibility and a sense of obligation. This tirade against men (extracted from the mists of time and an overworked classical theme) appears unfettered and excessive. Fortunately most men will never read this insulting tripe: the world of literary fiction is majority female!

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