That old smack, the old shrimper, retained so many clues to lost or forgotten tales from the past. The sturdy vessel had endured countless coastal storms and even attended a number of shipwrecks to rescue men in fear of death in tumultuous seas. But nothing quite compared with the relentless assault by Stukas and Dorniers as it drifted inshore at Dunkirk to pick up so many of those brave lads. It had returned across the Channel with more than a few secrets from those hazardous trips. Josh barely knew the half of it.
The renovation project had been a labour of love, even if it had consumed seemingly endless evenings and weekends. His own discovery, while refitting the forward lockers, had captured his imagination and propelled him to research his late grandfather’s wartime exploits. What he didn’t know, was that it wasn’t just his secret. His ignorance placed him in great danger, a threat which might yet condemn him!

Idle Deceptions, published by PublishNation, London, England