So Philip Pullman, President of the #SocietyOfAuthors, could get cancelled because he has shown support for #KateClanchy whose memoirs about her days as a teacher has been attacked by the blinkered, Woke, anti-white racist brigade who have forced an apology from her, in fear, where no such apology was necessary. Her book is a delight, and her use of English a real pleasure, and for the life of me I cannot understand why authors everywhere are not campaigning in her favour against the vacuous cancel culture promoted by naive, ignorant trolls at the likes of #OnlyBLM.

This is about freedom of speech and expression, and about protecting the English language, and authors everywhere should be willing to stand by both Clanchy and Pullman in defending these eseential rights and privileges. The reaction from #PanMacmillan has been appallingly unsupportive. They, like so many in publishing, are clearly running scared of senstive issues like this. Shame on them. If they can’t support their own authors what should we conclude about their own ethics and morals?

See the article here, click on the link below. #authorsforfreespeech