Well, my 7th decade on the planet was meticulously planned and committed extensively to global travel – don’t tell Greta, and sure enough we had some incredible trips to some wonderful places like Australia (many different parts), Singapore, Vietnam, South Africa, Mauritius, France, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Canada, USA and Central America………..and then along came the so-called pandemic, or ‘Scamdemic’ as it quickly became known as the reality became more clearly understood. All those deliberate exaggerations, the industrial-scale scaremongering by governments, the instructions to medics to classify every death as a Covid death, the farcical doomsday projections from maths modellers with risible track records of epic miscalculations who, for some sinister reason, continued to feature in our dreadful MSM, all of it and much much more washed over us and expunged our basic rights and liberties. So much for those travel plans!

So what did we do? Nothing wrong with travelling domestically and either visiting new places or re-visiting those already well known! Off to the Lake District we went, more than once. Off to the beautiful Tamar Valley and onward into Cornwall. North Yorks, Northumberland, the Peak District, the delights of the Shropshire Hills, the North Norfolk coast and fabulous city breaks in York, Manchester and the incomparable Glasgow, all were gladly consumed.

But now, as the authoritarian iron glove begins to release its grip, what now? Australia here we come! Can’t wait, and then another trip to those Shropshire Hills, yet another sojourn to France, and then the Seychelles later in the year. Face it, life’s been tougher, and don’t forget, during the last 20 years natural annual death rates (in the UK) have been higher than that in 2020 on no less than 11 occasions. We must learn to cope with these problems and just get out there and live life.

Good luck and bon voyage!

Oliver is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering and German

Oliver E. Cadam is a pseudonym