All authors would naturally fight for the right to free speech, especially when that right has been so steadily eroded in recent years. So I add my modest weight to that of a host of famous, sometimes infamous global heavyweight scribes who have come together to challenge the naive stupidity of ‘cancel culture’. Margaret Attwood, Noam Chomsky, Salman Rushdie, JK Rowling and many more have penned an earnest collective note to the world. They urge the eradication of this latest Snowflake fad. They correctly identify its roots in the controlling strictures of ‘political correctness’, a scourge which has contaminated our society for nearly 50 years. They rage about identity politics, diversity, inclusivity and racism, all features of the Establishment agenda that divides us more and more by the day.

Left blaming Right?

Curiously however, they then lay the blame for all this at the supposedly “radical right” of the political spectrum, despite the void that exists there. Surely this lefty liberal ‘luvvie’ sub-set of the Woke Establishment isn’t really trying to claim that ‘political correctness’ was the invention of some dark conservative conspiracy? Surely they realise that academia, and especially our universities, together with our entirely politicised media, with the BBC in the vanguard of the movement, have endorsed and aggresively promoted our PC plague for decades. Surely they realise that censorship of the media and of social media is an active marxist policy of the left, eg Facebook and Twitter, but not Parler. Surely they recognise that once conservative, right-of-centre politics barely exists these days. The Conservative Party in the UK is, in practice, a liberal party well to the left of centre. Our authors harangue Donald Trump as a “threat to democracy” and yet the #POTUS is the only democratically elected leader in the western world to be doing exactly what he promised in the manifesto which got him elected! Meanwhile the Democrats are loading the postal voting system in the US in readiness for the November Presidential election – vote rigging is a proven, popular corruption of #LeftWaffe politics the world over. In the authors’ letter however, there is no suggestion that this scurrilous practice might be a bigger “threat to democracy”.

They say ‘don’t shoot the messenger’, but our authors of world renown are wolves in woollen fleeces! ‘Free speech’ of course, it should be a fundamental right, but that’s not what this collective epistle is really about. This is left-wing liberalism trying desperately to offload its own guilt for the destruction of many of our freedoms. Political correctness has always sought to stop free and open debate by labelling sensitive issues as taboo! Allied to ‘positive discrimination’, still offensively discriminatory, these politically motivated vices are ruining our society.

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The Authors’ letter reviewed and discussed in the Times, 8th July 20