The Trade Union representing the UK’s Border Force (coastguard national security agency) is currently taking the British government to court in order to absolve its members from their contractual duty to carry out normal policing of the English Channel, where they are faced with thousands of illegal migrants flooding into the country by boat every week (1,200 yesterday alone) entirely unchecked, unscreened, and even un-jabbed ! Historic data and security ‘intel’ tells us that some of these unidentifiable young muslim men will turn out to be terrorists who will go on the commit atrocities on the streets of our towns and cities, as they have done many times already – this is not speculation! At what stage should the Trade Union advise its members that they really should resign? These non-policemen and women are in clear breach of contract and they are continuing in jobs despite being unwilling to fulfil the brief for which they were recruited, under terms they accepted at the point of recruitment.

On a different, land-based front, we see time and again that police forces are applying ‘selective policing’ to various events and circumstances on our streets such that we are becoming more and more convinced that our police forces have become truly ‘politicised’. We now expect very different reactions from the police to similar events involving different groups of people, eg acquiescence and ‘taking the knee’ in front of violent (Only)BLM protests, as opposed to wading into peacefully demonstrating anti-lockdown protesters with batons and tear gas, and actually inflicted serious injuries on members of the public in the process. And note, this is by no means constrained to the UK – just look at the French police and how they have committed similarly agressive acts against the people in many towns and cities and then, more recently, made a big show of supporting protesters against more Draconian lockdown measures. These bizarre contrasts in behaviour are very hard to assess and, as has been said many times before in the media and social media, crime figures are soaring in many western so-called democracies while conviction rates have plummeted to near zero figures across a wide range of different classes or types of crime.

Many things appear to be awry in our justice systems. The police are, in general, not policing. The courts continually favour perpetrators over victims, dole out ridiculously lenient sentences for serious, and sadly very common crimes, and our senior judges are guilty of severe political overreach as they regularly invade the legislative space in lieu of their own supposedly independent judicial territory. What’s needed is a firm-handed, well-led government with a large Parliamentary majority with which it might tackle some of these systemic dysfunctions……….well, in the UK we have only one of those requirements in place !

As for crime writers, how can or should they adopt and adapt these fundamnetal shifts in our justice framework and procedures? If realism is a key element of the credibility of a fictional story then how on earth can authors conflate this lack of policing in our society with truly credible policing processes and activities upon which a good novel relies?

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