When are we going to tackle our own grotesque little part of our sickening global problem? Notice I said ‘our problem’! Yes, it’s ours. It belongs to every one of us. But are we all guilty and can we do anything about it on our own, or collectively as a population, or must we or even can we rely on government to sort out this disgusting mess?

We are too numerous on this tiny little planet, and if you live on a small, densely populated island the problem is only magnified by proximity. All around the world we see the hideous signs of litter, waste, garbage, trash – whatever you care to call it – choking our streets and parks, clogging our drains and sewer systems, floating by on our river courses, pouring into the oceans and piling up on beaches and in estuaries everywhere. In the UK our National Parks are buried in the stuff, our fields moors and woodlands are literally littered with it, and our roadsides give us all the tell tale signs of just what’s happening 24/7 365 days of the year. It’s us! It’s our fault. We are the culprits. Humanity is selfishly and stupidly ditching its waste casually, recklessly and persistently, all over the world, every single day (and night) of our lives, with such carefree abandon as to be offensive and suicidal.

Our government isn’t governing in any way in any sector of our society. Our police aren’t policing. Crime rates and convictions are inversely proportional, and conviction rates are near ZERO in a huge range of crime categories. We are one of the most scrutinised populations anywhere on the planet with CCTV everywhere, especially on our roads, and yet never do we see any serious attempt made to catch and severely punish roadside litter throwers and fly-tippers. Check out some of these links below. From the side of the motorway in England, to Paris (surely now infamously filthy) to Glasgow where rubbish collectors are on strike, to Dublin city centre, to Brighton beach, to the Peak District National Park……………just pick a location, it’s a problem everywhere. Which means that millions of people, not just a few but a vast swathe of the population is casually dumping their refuse without a second thought.

ENOUGH! When are people going to grow up and get real? When are our civic authorities going to even begin to combat this plague? For our own relief and, more importantly, for the survival of the planet, when are we all, together, going to banish this curse?

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