Ray just couldn’t work it out. When had their lives together started to unravel? Where had it all gone so wrong, and why so soon?

He had lived his tedious uneventful life right alongside her for almost twenty years, watching her, craving and yearning for her, and never really believing that she could ever be his.

And then out of nowhere, and only through tragic personal circumstances, his emotional shackles were lifted allowing him to dream, for the first time, that she really could be his after all.

He had been absolutely determined to convert that dream into reality. Every detail sapped his anxious attention; every effort required perfect concentration.

It had been pure heaven – his hitherto unreachable nirvana – and he’d given himself entirely and completely to his new love.

But soon, and so very recently, the doubts had crowded in. What had changed? Why was she pushing him away? What did she know?

This is a story of love and deception, romance and retribution.