The English Lake District is a region very dear to my heart and, I’m sure, to the hearts of many readers too. It’s not just because it provides the physical backdrop to my latest book, ‘Men On The Hill’, published Friday 2nd June, but because it signifies a unique landscape in Britain which must be protected for future generations to enjoy.
The region is under threat from many selfish destructive abusers, and you, like me, may consider the Lake District National Park Authority’s rather lacklustre attempts at fulfilling their primary constitutional objective (protection of the landscape) to have been less than impressive in recent years. If you share my concerns, you are not alone, and you may wish to read George Monbiot’s recent article in the Guardian about the plight of the Lakes when seen under the prism of the LDNPA’s ludicrous bid for World Heritage status for the Lakes national park. This is a costly wasteful camouflaging exercise designed to mask the many failures of the LDNPA to date. Please follow this link for another expose’ on some of the Lake District’s many unnecessary and avoidable problems.

Thanks, Oliver