As an author of ‘mystery thrillers’ and ‘crime fiction’, it’s important to ensure the technical accuracy and veracity of my novels. That makes them credible for the reader. Positive feedback suggests subconscious acceptance by readers that events, actions and perceptions in my story lines are believable. These are all the more thrilling in that “they could just as easily happen to you”.

But the world of detective work and policing is changing quickly, and in some ways disappearing. Crime rates are soaring and yet convictions are in a seemingly terminal tail-spin. Why should that matter for a fictional writer like me? Well, if I am to retain that same credibility, my prose will have to match the reality of police work. If that work becomes less and less evident in practice, then perhaps I will have to switch genres. Why not rely on mob violence on the streets as a theme for my output? On the other hand, perhaps historical fiction offers greater opportunity together with limited risk. But then history itself is being torn down, re-written and emasculated. Soon historically based novels may resemble supernatural fantasy!

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