UNESCO & local councils reject ‘Theme Park Lake District’ approach in Cumbria

At last someone somewhere is standing up to the cavalier attitudes of the Lake District National Park Authority in Cumbria.

Together with Keswick Town Council, Unesco have objected to CEO Richard Leafe’s absurd encouragement of 4x4s and trail (motor) bikes as a means of recreation in the once beautiful Lake District.

Many regional and national organisations have campaigned for years against wanton rural ‘petrol-head’ vandalism of this type, but the tacit approval of such activity by some authorities in Cumbria has reduced many stretches of the open (and supposedly protected) landscape to a slimy, muddy, impenetrable mess.

It’s about time the LDNPA was forced to account for itself, and to explain why it has willingly cast aside its first and most important constitutional commitment, namely to protect the natural landscape.