With so much in our society being torn down and ripped up by supposedly ‘entitled’ but disingenuous vocal minorities, perhaps we should take a moment to consider and to reappraise our hitherto apathetic approach to some of our prominent female authors, commentators and journalists. We should celebrate and support those of our remarkable leading ladies who choose to stick their heads above the parapet in order to defend our basic human rights, our rights to free speech, and specifically the rights of women and girls in the face of growing threats from some narrow, selfish, shadowy corners of society.
The likes of Lionel Shriver (seen here discussing some sensitive issues around free speech and identity politics at Sheffield Uni https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIk20WI3IjU ), Allison Pearson https://www.telegraph.co.uk/authors/a/ak-ao/allison-pearson/ , JKRowling http://www.jkrowling.com , and many more of our forthright contributors to what should be very public debates, are trying to put forward rational, common-sense criticisms and opinions about the deliberate degradation of some vitally important aspects of our societal framework. For their efforts they are rewarded with a hail of abuse, ‘cancellation’ and even death threats from toxic extremists who value only their own perverse wants and needs. Meanwhile much of the general public, ignorant of the shear size and scale of the threats to their taken-for-granted freedoms, blunder on blissfully unaware of the active curtailment of their liberties, unable to make the connection between authoritarian lockdowns, manufactured racism or censorship.

We can and should do much more to support this vanguard of courageously outspoken (female) leaders in our on-going cultural civil war. They try, at great personal risk, to protect so many worthy cornerstones of a society of which we should be rightly proud. Go along to their lectures and presentations. When you see them in the media, make sure you reinforce their endeavours through your own social media outlets, your own blogs to mainstream newspapers, etc etc. We need to turn up the volume, and we can do that better together rather than shouting into the void in isolation.